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Volunteering Opportunities:

Jaya Guru Datta

To register for volunteering, please click on the link below and provide details:

Areas you are interested in Volunteering. Please tick all that apply
Descriptions for each role given below

UI and Graphic developer
Animation creator

Coordinators for various topics

  • Typing/Scanning: A Volunteer who can type/scan into editable format existing material.
  • Translator: A Volunteer who listens to Appaji’s Teachings either MP3’s or Bhajans in various language and translates them to English.
  • Compiler: A volunteer who can put together the various teachings of Swamiji from all sources into different related categories
  • Editor: A Volunteer with good writing skills in English. Someone who refines the translated versions to dialogues, paragraphs, with essential punctuation as considered appropriate.
  • UI and Graphic developer: A Volunteer with good skills in graphic packages to add modify graphics to the various pages and develop presentations
  • Animation and Flash creator: A volunteer who is able to add animation to the lessons