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SGS Datta Deepam provides Spiritual food for young and old, male and female, student or scholar. Click on Online Gurukulam to commence your journey today.

"Religion is not reserved for philosophers and theologians. It is intended for the ordinary man's pilgrim's progress towards God-head."
"When youth vanishes you cannot control the mind. When body is worn out you cannot do sadhana. Strive now earnestly to attain spirituality and the highest perfection." - Sri Swamiji


"Ignorance is the root cause of all our sufferings, miseries and sorrows in the world. It is due to ignorance that we believe happiness exists outside us in the world. Ignorance gives rise to desires which in turn lead us to act in order to fulfil those desires. This wonderful combination of Ignorance-Desire-Action (Avidyaa-Kaama-Karma) is called HRIDAYA GRANTHI (Knot of the heart) in our scriptures (Mundaka Upanishad). To cut this Granthi or knot we need the guidance and grace of a guru who must be a "Srotriya" (well versed in texts) and Brahmanishtha (established in Brahman or Reality)." - Sri Swamiji

Online classes are designed in audio, video and textual formats and focus on

   • Moral values
   • Self-Discipline
   • Handling peer pressure
   • Time management skills
   • Better study habits
   • Memory improvement techniques
   • Secret of success
   • Leadership skills
   • Effective communication
   • Stress and Anger management
   • Attitude of service
   • Tips for spiritual seekers


The online Gurukulam provides a guided progression track to fulfill the 4 basic Purusharthas - Goals of human life (Dharma - Righteousness / Ethical duty, Artha - Wealth, Kama - Pleasure, Moksha - liberation).

   • Kindle Self-Awareness to live a purposeful life filled with happiness.
   • Inculcate spiritual education in a systematic manner.

There are 5 categories (beginner, intermediate, proficient, advanced and expert) that a person travels through in their path towards perfection.


Everyone will start at the Beginner category and continue their journey to become an expert. The Beginner, Intermediate and Proficient category will have a similar course structure. Each of the categories will have 3-4 levels in them. Each level has a regular and accelerated track that accommodates individual preferences. Each level has 20 lessons in them. The complete lesson can be viewed in 30-60 minutes.

Each lesson comprises 8 sections - Bhajan, Shloka, Story, Coloring/Activity, Did you know, MMS, Subhashitam and Quiz.


• Each lesson in a Regular track will have a minimum duration of 2 weeks for its completion.
• Each lesson in an Accelerated track will have a minimum duration of 1 week for its completion.
• There are two criteria to be met to move to the next lesson.
   - Time of 1 or 2 weeks based on the selected track
   - Successful completion of quiz (70%)

Beginner - Simple Bhajans that focus on Namasankeertana - the various name of the Lord. The Shlokas are simple 2 and 4 liners. The stories are from common folk lore (level 1), introduction to Deities (level 2) and Introduction to noteworthy qualities of certain characters from our Puranas (level 3).

Intermediate - Bhajans in these levels also focus on the Lord's attributes along with Nama Sankeertana and are filled with Bijaksharas (seed letters). Common stotrams and Ashtakams along with simple shlokas on different Deities. The stories are Ramayana (level 1), Bhagavatam (level 2) and Datta Darsanam (level 3).

Proficient - Pujya Swamiji's Bhajans selected for this category are those that convey subtle meaning of the Lord's attributes. The Shlokas here are Panchakams, Shatakams and others that slowly shift the thoughts inward and encourage Self- Enquiry. The stories are 24 Gurus, Swamiji's brief life history, Stories of Saints and more.

Advanced - there are no levels in this category.This category will be based on the discourses/Books compiled by Pujya Sri Swamiji and Pujya Bala Swamiji. The courses in this category will inspire one to understand true devotion and apply it in life via unconditional love. The courses will also fortify Self-Discipline by developing mastery over one's mental and emotional persona.

Expert - The courses in the advanced category are more philosophical in nature and convey elusive truths providing clarity and understanding. Some of the topics will be Bhagavad Gita,Guru Gita,Avadhuta Gita,Yoga Vasishta,Atma Vidya, Isavasya Upanishad,Mystery of Sri Chakra.

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