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1. Where should I go to enroll into courses?
    i. Click on the link for "Gurukulam - enter the online gurukulam"
    ii. Click on Log in on the top right corner of the page you got to.
    iii. Click on the tab for Create new account and follow instructions

2. What is Gurukulam?
    i. Gurukulam used to be residential schools in India where students stayed with their Guru and other students as a family.
    ii. The student used to spend 12 years with the Guru learning to take care of himself, his family and be a contributing member of society
    iii. In the present day and age, since it is not possible to do that the online Gurukulam is a place where in you can still spend time and learn
      from the Guru

3. How do I enroll into courses?
    i. Register and log in to your personal Datta Deepam account.
    ii. Enroll for courses. Everyone needs to start at the Beginner level

4. Is there any fee for the course?
    All courses are free of cost. Each course in the Beginner, intermediate and proficient categories have 20 lessons in them

5. Do I need to buy a book or any other materials?
    No, all materials are included in the course.

6. Can I study from anywhere?
    Yes. Courses are open to anyone, anywhere in the world.

7. Will I get a certificate at the end of each course?
    Certificates will be given at the end of each level.

8. Is there a systematic progression of the courses?
    Yes, there will be a systematic progression of courses.

9. Will the Courses / Quizzes be graded
    All quizzes will be graded.

10. In case I have a question, how do I contact someone?
    Please send an email to

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