SGS Datta Deepam - "Jnana Deepam Gurum Bhaje..."

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One of the greatest spiritual leaders of the present day is an asset to India and the world at large. He is an incarnation of the Great Cosmic Power. Revival of culture, reformation of society, establishing peace and happiness among mankind and spiritual elevation of humanity to divinity is His mission. His methods include the Veda and Nada i.e. establishing Dharma through the various Vedic rituals and propagating the immense benefits of Nada Upasana (Attaining bliss through Music for Meditation). He adopts all the traditional philosophies of Bhakti, Jnana, Karma and Yoga paths to suit the requirements of the modern man. Singing devotional hymns, reciting the names of the Lord Almighty and group singing, he reiterates is the easiest way to attain the divine grace in this Kaliyuga.

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